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Current Courses (Loyola University Chicago)

English 274, Introduction to Shakespeare

English 326, Plays of Shakespeare

Some courses I've taught in the past:


Vision, Ethics, and Belief (honors) (Eastern Michigan, Fall 2006)
Image and Illumination (Wayne State, Winter 2006)

Readings in European Literature (May 2004)*
Vision and Ethics (graduate) (Wayne State, Winter 2006)

Literature 545: Vision & the English Literary Renaissance (Eastern Michigan, Winter 2004)

Literature 511: Literary Criticism and Theory (Eastern Michigan, Winter 2003)

The Material Renaissance (Eastern Michigan, Winter 2002)

*Program offered in England, Scotland, and France!

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Renaissance Links :

Explorations in Renaissance Culture
A scholarly journal

Large collection of Literary materials for the medieval and renaissance periods, culled primarily from the Norton Anthology of English Literature, vol. 1--very useful for primary texts.

A web forum for information about Elizabethan England, some links and resources

Popular site on historical legends, includes some early modern materials

Alciato's Book of Emblems
Very influential 16th-century Italian emblem book on which the first English emblem books were modeled

Voice of the Shuttle's English Renaissance pages
A lot of useful links to renaissance resources on the web

Elizabethan Heraldry
Popular page on heraldry, interesting introduction

Mr. William Shakespeare and the Internet
The best place to start for information about Shakespeare on the web

Renascence Editions
A huge archive of Electronic texts

Medieval/Renaissance Brewing Home page
Information on old brewing techniques (a crucial element of early modern culture)

The Music of Thomas Ravenscroft
Interesting page with materials about the 17th-century composer Thomas Ravenscroft

Sixteenth Century Ballads: A work in progress...
Just what it says

Scholarly journal focusing on theoretical readings of Early Modern and Medieval literature and culture

William Byrd
Page dedicated to 16th-century English composer William Byrd

Jack Lynch's Literary Resources -- Renaissance
An extensive collection on links to Renaissance literary materials on the web

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